To sleep or not to sleep

Lately my brain has been on an anti-sleep kick(thank you, sleep-stealing anxiety). So much so, that after my kids and my husband leave for school I will often take a nap. ‘What’s wrong with a short nap?’ you may ask. Nothing … except that if I want to be able to wake up and get anything done. Today I set myself 6 different alarms. When I’d press snooze on one, two different alarms would end up going off at once, five minutes later! Six different alarms and almost thirty minutes later, I’m just awake enough to tell that my epilepsy still doesn’t like the waking-up/sleep deprivation process and ‘oh crap, it’s time to pick-up the kids or the school secretary is going to realize she can start charging me babysitting fees to keep them after hours’.
Give me back my NIGHTTIME sleep!!!


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